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  • The Best Water Parks Near Eugene, Oregon

    As the home of the flagship campus of the University of Oregon, Eugene is a lively and vibrant city with plenty to offer residents and visitors alike. It is known for its lush, dense greenery, a verdant beauty people come from around the world to experience. But what if you’re looking for some activity for […]

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  • Resume Tips for College Students

    Writing a resume can be challenging for fresh college grads. After all, employers tend to judge the ability of an applicant based on their previous experience. As you’ve just graduated, you may not have anything to present in that regard. If you’re writing your very first resume, here are simple but powerful resume tips for […]

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  • What to Pack for College

    What to pack for college is one of the questions you’re probably asking yourself now that you are heading off to university. College is one of the biggest adventures of your life, which is why you should be prepared to face it with a complete arsenal of student equipment, school supplies, and personal items. Explore […]

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  • Time Management Tips for College Students

    As a college student, one of the most important skills to have is time management. If you can’t effectively manage your time, you stand little to no chance at succeeding, regardless of the school you attend. Unfortunately, effectively managing your time is much easier said than done. Read on to discover our best time management […]

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  • The Best Restaurants in Eugene, OR for Takeout and Delivery

    There are some nights where you just don’t feel like cooking, right? One of our best amenities at Titan Court is location — student apartments by UO, LCC, and NCU that give residents premium access to a culinary adventure whenever they want while enjoying it from the comforts of home. Check out this list of […]

  • Virtual Socializing 101

    Have a Netflix Party Netflix Party allows you and a group of friends to watch any Netflix title together completely in sync via a Google Chrome add-on extension you can simply download and tack onto your computer browser. And the cool part is that it also adds a group chat function, so you can make […]

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  • A Guide to Getting Involved on Campus

    Getting involved with student life can add loads of fun to your college years. Even if you’re approaching the end of your college years, it’s never too late to get involved on campus. Participating in college groups and activities open up a whole new world of opportunities in a professional aspect. The following are some […]

  • Things to Do in Eugene, OR

    From the great outdoors to its awesome indoor attractions, the second largest city in Oregon has plenty of fun things for you to do. Eugene is one of those places you can visit on the weekends and always find something new to do. Every mini-vacation and day out can always be better with some careful […]

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  • Student Guide to Living in Eugene, OR

    The big move to college can bring about plenty of changes to your daily life. For example, you might need to learn where to eat or where to study around campus. That’s why we at the Titan Court Student Housing came up with the Student Guide to Living in Eugene, TX. We want our local […]

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  • Best Restaurants in Eugene, OR

    Eugene is known for being home to the University of Oregon, Northwest Christian University, and other colleges. There’s no surprise that Eugene is full of college students and professionals looking for a great spot to dine at. These large crowds have their favorite spots around town where they can enjoy a good bite at a […]

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