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Lane Community College

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Time Management Tips for College Students

As a college student, one of the most important skills to have is time management. If you can’t effectively manage your time, you stand little to no chance at succeeding, regardless of the school you attend. Unfortunately, effectively managing your time is much easier said than done. Read on to discover our best time management […]

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Virtual Socializing 101

Have a Netflix Party Netflix Party allows you and a group of friends to watch any Netflix title together completely in sync via a Google Chrome add-on extension you can simply download and tack onto your computer browser. And the cool part is that it also adds a group chat function, so you can make […]

Prepare for Finals at LCC

The semester at Lane Community College is quickly coming to a close, and before you know it finals will be upon us. Instead of holing up in your student apartment and getting stressed about tests, spend some time on campus getting involved. You may find the short break will rejuvenate you and help you to […]