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Frequently Asked Questions

I receive financial aid. Can I use it for rent at Titan Court?

Yes! Funds that you receive can be used at Titan Court.

Can I tour Titan Court now?

Please do! You may contact the Titan Court leasing team to sign up for a tour time that is convenient for you.

Where is Titan Court located in relation to Lane Community College and the University of Oregon?

Titan Court is located five miles to the northwest of Lane Community College’s main campus, 14 minutes by bus. We are also located next door to LCC’s LEED Platinum-certified downtown campus. Titan Court is located two miles to the west of the University of Oregon, six minutes by bus or a 15-minute walk.

What kinds of community areas are there?

Residents are able to enjoy a lounge located on each floor. The lounges are perfect for studying, hanging out with neighbors, and community activities. In addition, there is a large outside courtyard for residents to use. A multipurpose room is available for larger gatherings and includes a kitchen, tables, chairs, and a TV. We also have a game room and a computer lab.

Are there washers and dryers provided?

There is a 24-hour, high-tech laundry room located on each floor containing two card-operated, high-efficiency washers and dryers. You even get a text when your laundry is done!

Is there parking?

Free parking is provided for residents across the street in the Broadway Place North and South parking garages (owned and operated by the City of Eugene). Contact the leasing office for more details.

What about bike storage?

There is a controlled-access bike storage area located on the first floor of the building, and outside bike racks are located around the downtown campus.

Are the units furnished or unfurnished?

Each suite comes fully furnished. Each bedroom comes with a bed, a dresser, and a desk and chair. Common areas come with a couch and chair, a coffee table, kitchen chairs, appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher), and a flat-screen TV.

Can I bring my own furniture if I want?

Feel free! This is your space. Do know that we will not be able to store the furniture belonging to Titan Court, so please plan accordingly.

Is heat available in each apartment?

Titan Court is certified LEED Gold, which means the heating is very efficient and environmentally friendly. Each bedroom in the apartment has its own climate-controlled ventilation port.

What utilities will I be responsible for?

All utilities (electric, water, sewer, garbage, cable, and wireless internet) are included in the cost of your rent! Just enjoy the experience of living at Titan Court.

Is there free wireless internet throughout the building and in the apartments?


Is the building secure?

Titan Court has controlled-access entry. Once you move in, you will be provided with an access card for the main entry and resident-only areas of the building.

What types of restaurants are located near Titan Court?

What are you in the mood for? Café goodies and coffee? Pizza? Sushi? Titan Court’s convenient location gives you access to all that downtown has to offer. Check out the location page for a select list.

How much is the rent?

Titan Court offers a variety of rent options. Check with the Titan Court leasing team for details on the rent and lease terms.

What is the term of the lease?

Titan Court’s leases are 12 months (September through August). For leasing information, please contact us at [email protected].

Do my parents have to sign the lease?

Not necessarily. In cases where you may need financial support, your parents can complete the Co-signer Application Form and sign a Co-signer Agreement. When in doubt, contact the Titan Court leasing team for details.

Is there an application fee?

A small fee of $10 is collected at the time of application. Contact the Titan Court leasing team to submit your application today!

Is there a security deposit?

Upon signing your lease, you will be asked to pay a $300 security deposit, once guarantor or co-signer is approved. Your deposit is fully refundable upon move-out if your space is left in good condition. Each Titan Court resident will be responsible for their own bedroom space. All apartment common areas will be the shared responsibility of all roommates.

If I elect for roommate matching and my roommate and I don’t get along, what can I do?

Trained Titan Court Community Assistants are available to help you with any issues you are having with your roommate or living situation. The CAs can work with you to either help you find a new apartment or, if necessary, direct you on how the reassignment process works.

Can I sublease my apartment?

While we do not offer subleasing, we do offer an option of reletting the lease. Residents interested in getting out of their lease early would need to find someone to take the lease over. As soon as the need arises contact the office for guidance on how to have someone take over their lease.

What are the requirements to apply and be accepted to live here?

We lease to anyone who meets our rental qualifications, please contact the leasing office to learn more about how to financially qualify.

Who will I call for maintenance?

Titan Court has maintenance available during office hours, as well as a 24-hour emergency maintenance service. To put in a maintenance request, just call or come by the office, or you can submit your request online. If you call after hours, our professional answering service will provide maintenance with a message to assist you. As always, please call 911 in case of an emergency.

Can I rent a room in a multi-bedroom apartment even if I don’t have any roommates?

Definitely! A roommate-matching service will be provided, and our Community Assistants will be on hand to help with the transition.

Do I get to choose which suite I want?

Future roommates who come in together to rent entire suites will get priority in selecting their desired apartments.

What should I do if I have a medical question?

If you have a medical condition, a disability, or a specific need that requires special housing accommodations, please contact the leasing office to request these accommodations.

Will there be Community Assistants at Titan Court?

We are very excited to have multiple Community Assistants living on-site, ready to help with anything you may need and plan community activities.

Can I have pets?

Titan Court is a very special building and as such we cannot allow pets, who have their own important needs, to share your space with you.

Can I request special accommodations for my apartment?

Of course! Titan Court would be happy to assist with your accommodations. Contact the leasing team for a request form.

Can I have a roommate of the opposite sex?

As long as everyone signing a lease in the apartment signs a co-ed agreement, we are fine with it.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

Titan Court is completely smoke-free, so there is no smoking allowed in the individual apartments or any areas within the building.

Can I reserve a community room for events?

Absolutely! Check in with a Community Assistant about how to reserve this room.

Am I required to have renters insurance?

Yes, you are required to have renters insurance. You can either get this on your own or you can get this through us. If you choose to get renters insurance through your own provider, you will need to have Titan Court listed as the party and a 100K liability plan confirmed.


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