For Parents

Where your child is going to University of Oregon, Northwest Christian Universityor Lane Community College Titan Court offers the best student apartments in Eugene OR


The Campus Advantage: Advantage

Providing students with the facilities and resources they need to succeed personally, academically and socially is the number one goal of Campus Advantage. We assess the needs and interests of our diverse student populations and implement a customized program for each community. What does that mean for you? Peace of mind.

Students First

With the Campus Advantage Students First program, you can be sure that your student will never have a dull moment while living at Titan Court. From the great downtown location close to arts and entertainment to the park-like setting, Titan Court offers students plenty of opportunities to get involved with friends and neighbors. Our highly-trained staff offers an unmatched level of services, programming, and activities all designed to meet the needs of a modern, active college student or professional. At Titan Court, we want to provide more than a place to sleep at night. We want to offer a community and neighborhood feel while fostering connections between students, their peers and fellow residents/neighbors. Our property will provide them with tons of choices to get involved in the community from participation in Relay for Life to onsite events, and tons of opportunities for use of our outdoor amenities with their friends.


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