An Outdoor Guide to Eugene, Oregon

As with most parts of Oregon, Eugene has plenty to do, especially if you want to explore the outdoors. This year while studying at Lane Community College don’t just spend your time in the library or hitting the books — head off campus and see all that Eugene and the surrounding area have to offer. There are plenty of things to do near LCC, but there is even more when you ditch student housing and head off on your own.

Willamette River Bike Trail

Take a walk or ride your bike on the beautiful six-mile bike trail along the Willamette River. This is a perfect trail for beginners and offers a great deal of scenery along the way. You’ll pass by Owen Rose Garden, a number of parks, and, of course, the beautiful river. 

Spencer Butte

Get a 360-degree view of Eugene when you take the 45-minute hike up Spencer Butte on a nice day. The hike takes you roughly 700 feet up in about three-quarters of a mile and is fine for hikers with any level of experience. As you near the top there are some rocks to climb over, but it’s not difficult and the end result certainly pays off. 

Hendricks Park

Hendricks Park is a little less strenuous but every bit as breathtaking as Spencer Butte, and on level ground. Pack a picnic and spend the day admiring the beautiful flowers and scenery surrounding this 78-acre park. It’s just over a mile away from the University of Oregon and from certain spots you can see all the way to the university. 

Mount Pisgah

You can easily spend the entire day taking different trails up and down Mount Pisgah. This popular mountain offers a variety of trails of varying difficulty so it’s perfect for groups with different skill levels. With views this great it’s hard to make excuses for skipping that morning run or just getting outside in general!

As you spend more time in Eugene, you’re bound to find your own favorite places and hidden gems among the vast landscape that surrounds the city. Whatever you do, make sure you get out of your apartment and appreciate all that Eugene has to offer!