virtual socializing

Virtual Socializing 101

Have a Netflix Party

Netflix Party allows you and a group of friends to watch any Netflix title together completely in sync via a Google Chrome add-on extension you can simply download and tack onto your computer browser. And the cool part is that it also adds a group chat function, so you can make conversation, share funny anecdotes, and just generally converse with your friends about the show as it plays. 

While it unfortunately only works on desktops and laptops (sorry smart TVs, game consoles, and phones), it’s one way you and your friends can continue to congregate over a shared activity. While it would obviously be preferable to binge-watch the new third season of Ozark on your friend’s couch, at least this way you won’t have to deal with that one guy that can’t stop asking questions and really just needs to focus on watching the show. 

Netflix and chill just took on a whole new meaning. Visit to learn more!

Virtual Book Clubs

In case you haven’t already heard, Zoom is all the rage nowadays for online gatherings of all kinds. Typically used for much more professional applications, this period of social distancing has completely transformed how Zoom is utilized — virtual birthday parties, dance-a-thons, rap battles, poorly thought-out cookie-cutter TikToks, etc. If you can imagine it, somebody’s probably already made a Zoom meeting for it. 

Having said that, the extra downtime has undoubtedly left you with much more time to read but nobody to discuss it with. Why not take advantage of the interactive tool and host an online weekly book club? Staying entertained, keeping social, and engaging in the kind of discussion and thinking that helps keep your mind sharp make this option an attractive one.

Online Game Night

Carrying on with the Zoom meeting theme, an online game night is another great variation on virtual socializing. For example, Uno actually has a completely free mobile app you can download and use to play against your friends. Or, just google some online games and indulge in your choice of fun with fam via Zoom — Pictionary, Scattergories, Heads Up!, bingo, trivia, charades, and more.